Michael McInnis Productions
Portland Maine USA
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MMP offers a full range of creative services
to complete your project on time and on budget.


         Music Composition

         Original custom music in a variety of styles

         Original music library at needle drop pricing

         Music Editing

         Musical music editing by a composer

         Creative Sound Design

         Custom sounds for film, video, games, multimedia, theatre, & animation

         Large stock & original sound effects library

         Kyma sound design software

         Voice Recording

         Narration for training & promotional video, and documentary films

         Voiceovers for radio & TV commercials

         Character voice recording & processing

         Books on tape

         Dialog & Voiceover Editing

         Dialog replacement

         Complete voice editing services

         Down-sampling & file creation for web sites & multimedia training CDs

         Audio Enhancement

         Noise reduction for compromised location audio

         Down-sampling/file compression for multimedia

         Multitrack Digital Recording

         24-bit 96k recording

         72 stereo non-linear tracks

         High quality outboard mic preamps & processors

         Mix to Picture

         All the audio elements are brought together in sync for the final soundtrack


  • Demo Recording
    • High quality recording & mixing services
  • Arranging
    • We can fine tune the song with creative arranging
  • Co-writing
    • Need another verse or a bridge? Have a lyric, but need a tune? Song co-writing is available.
  • Production
    • Creative direction to fulfill your vision
    • Complete project management
  • Mastering
    • Affordable pre-mastering & mastering services
  • Systems Design for Studios & Musicians
    • We have been using computers for music production for over twenty years. Put our expertise to work.
  • PC Digital Audio Workstation System Design & Troubleshooting
    • We design & build music computer systems
    • Music computer troubleshooting
    • Pre-purchase advice on computer music system components


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